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Voda Paints Limited has, over the years, nurtured a sure-footed relationship with all its stakeholders – customers, employees, neighbours, commercial partners and the community, with the overall aim of ensuring a better relationship. In line with its disposition of ‘adding colour to your life…’, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) effort is a core value for Voda Paints Limited.

Voda Paints Limited recognizes that CSR efforts should not be mere PR campaigns designed to promote corporate brands by creating the appearance of being good corporate citizens; it must impact positively on those affected. This has led to the organization in pursuing several courses that seek to encourage the growth and development of the Voda ‘people’.

We are proud of our deep sense of social responsibility, and is motivated by an awareness of the context in which our Company operates. Our Company was founded out of a commitment to improve the lives of people  .The heart of our social commitment and our main business objective are one and the same.

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