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other headingsVoda Paints Limited is at the forefront of using technology and innovation to deliver quality products and services to our clients. We continue to grow our services and along the way create new career opportunities for talented individuals from across Africa. We hire people who have a passion and commitment to excellence. We are always seeking great people to join our Company on its quest to become the number one brand out of Africa.

At Voda Paints Limited we ask the big question “Are you committed”? Our employees are united by their passion for work

Even on an ordinary day at Voda Paints Limited, you are part of an extraordinary mission to change the way African’s and people all over developing countries live their lives. This drive is what we are looking for in our people.

We invite you to explore career opportunities available in our company.

The working environment is a field where new information is constantly becoming available. Voda Paints Limited has committed to the education of its employees and customers regarding the impact our products and operations have on the environment and how to reduce this impact.

One of the ways our employees receive the latest information is by participation in industry associations such as:

  • NIA Nigerian Institute of Architects
  • Painters Association of Nigeria
  • Nigerian Association of Engineers
  • Nigerian Builders Association

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